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The Lifetime Guest Plan (LGP) was developed by Brian Kelly in 2013 and released as The Kelly Plan. Brian examined the gang of eight plan, existing law, and other notions about how to solve the nation’s problem with illegal residents. He found none addressed all of the issues that having 20 million to 60 million illegal foreign nationals in residence brought to America. 

He read the gang of eight plan in 2013, and noticed that it smelled a lot like it was purposely designed to kill America. No jobs would be left for Americans; newly unemployed Americans would have to pay for newly minted citizens; voting in national elections was not ruled out; 33 million more foreign nationals would be invited in; It would cost over $6 trillion. It was a terrible deal for the country. 

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330 pages

Brian Kelly’s 59th Book

Brian Kelly is one of the top published conservative authors in the United States with 59 books to his credit. This book is his 59th and he has a 60th on the way! He wrote the highly revised edition of this book because things have changed substantially from five years ago, when he first noticed the predatory nature of the Environmental Protection Agency.  Kelly asks the rhetorical question, "Should we turn our power main off all the time to please the EPA?" as his first volley against the EPA. He then goes on to tell Americans what we all need to know to shut down these job preventers. 

In the 1960’s people in Los Angeles could not breathe. America was becoming affluent and for the first time many families had two cars or more. Gas was less than 20 cents a gallon. Nobody seemed to care if the smoke out of the back of the car was white, clear, or black. You couldn't see across the street some days.


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Great Patriotic Book! Brian Kelly's First Patriotic Book -- second edition!

This is a big book...but it is just as easy to read and just as insightful as it is big. It is the perfect cocktail book. While your friends and neighbors are reading about some love tryst they found at the discount reader section, you can be reading about America, and how to make America better.

It is true that the book you are are about to read is huge in size and it will impress your neighbors into understanding that their little tryst with their cheap tryst will not help America at all. They will know that you are learning about things that they right now do not understand, and they wish they could understand them. You can take your time to digest all of the cogent passages in this book and you will be the wiser, while your neighbors will know that when the country really goes to hell, you may agree to be one of their paid advisers.

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Great Patriotic Book!

Contains all the ingredients to rebuild our country and our economy!

Unlike former presidential candidate Herman Cain's "999" plan, "RRR" focuses on many more areas that need to be addressed for US to turn our economy around and stimulate job creation. Cain's plan was and still is very good but it addresses only the tax structure, and we have more problems than how we are taxed.

Yet, we must change the tax structure to begin to solve our economic woes. The RRR plan, which takes the Cain plan and extends it to help all aspects of America, also addresses taxes. But, it reaches into many other critical areas that are impeding economic growth. These include regulations, immigration, and spending


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Great Patriotic Book!

462 pages ...

Author Brian Kelly is pleased that you have selected this book to join him on this journey to preserve American freedom. In the eyes of Americans across the country, from the blue of the mid-Atlantic to the red of the heartland, Barack Obama has been and continues to fail. While the President plays golf, and takes lavish vacations, Americans are out of works and their children cannot find jobs..

Each passing day, the President's poll numbers go down because, said most simply, the man just doesn't get it. He likely never will.


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Great Patriotic T-Shirt

This shirt features a caricature of Barack Obama as a miniature lifelike "puppet" inside of a full-sized Chris Christie hip pocket. The symbolism is quite evident. The loving "twosome" are walking down the beach with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in the background. This caricature is taken from the best-selling book by Brian W. Kelly titled, "Just Say No to Chris Christie for President." You'll laugh out loud as will all your friends but deep down, you will have a sick feeling in your stomach about our country.


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Great Patriotic Book!

No Amnesty No Way!

The gang of eight tyrants amnesty plan is designed to kill America. There won't be any jobs left; but worst than that, there may be no more America if we permit the tyranny to persist without protest.

Our country will be owned and overrun by illegal foreign nationals from Mexico and China, and elsewhere. Americans will be paying them to live here for free. If you think things are bad for your kids now, wait until this legislation from the most corrupt politicians in America is rammed down your throats. Wait until Obama acts on his own and it sticks!

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Great Patriotic Book!

232 pages....

In the 1960's people living in Los Angeles literally could not breathe. America was becoming more affluent and for the first time many families had two cars and some had more than two. Gas was less than 20 cents a gallon. Nobody seemed to care if the smoke out of the back of the car was white, clear, or black.

You couldn't see across the street in LA on some days. The Freeways were great but they became smog (smoke filled fog) congested. One day the worst actually did happen. More than twenty people were killed on the LA freeways and none were involved in an accident. They simply could not breathe with all the smog.


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Great Patriotic Book!


All tech books were sold by IT jungle to businesses, not individuals, and were priced high as only businesses could afford these books. It was an arduous process to produce a book for a small audience with little return. The price in what is more than likely the last printing of this book has been lowered to relieve the inventory. Libraries and technology history experts will be looking for this book for years to come.  

I wrote this book back in 2005 when AMD and Intel were battling it out with IBM, and Apple actually used IBM's Power Chip. This may not tell the story of how things are today but it talks about the deficiencies of the Intel Platform at the time the chip wars were heating up. You may know that IBM in many ways gave up as it had the rights to the Intel chip as it had for many years to the Windows Operating System. IBM could have been a big winner in the chip wars; instead it did other things. If you are a history buff, you will love this book. We do not expect another printing so what is in stock is first come first serve. You will like this bold expose of both Intel and IBM as they engage in the infamous chip wars. You will also like how AMD stayed cool and reaped the benefits of the war.

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Great Patriotic Book!


Irish Need not Apply! Syrians need not apply! Italians need not apply! Spanish need not apply! Polish need not apply!

How many of our parents went through tough times in the USA finding bigotry instead of work when they sought employment? You've heard the stories at the dinner table. Eventually our parents all got jobs and America toned down its ethnic and racial prejudices.

Today, however, all American citizens are feeling a new kind of prejudice in the workplace. It's an economic prejudice carried out by greedy businesses. It cries out Americans Need Not Apply! You're wasting your time.