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Great American Book!

Take the Train to Myrtle Beach from anywhere in the Northeast to Myrtle Beach and South to Florida

Just when you thought the American Railroad Industry consisted of only mile long freight trains or passenger services from places you do not live to places you do not want to go, you found this book. I am glad you did.

You found it just in time for your next vacation. Myrtle Beach is one of the most beautiful and exciting vacation spots in the United States if not the world. Train travel is definitely the most exciting and the most scenic, and the least intrusive way to go from place to place in America.

If you choose to ignore the 60 miles from Florence SC to Myrtle Beach that requires a rent-a-car or bus service, you can get there in just over nine hours from Philadelphia by train, all the while enjoying the ambiance of what some may think is from a bygone era.



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Great Patriotic Book!

America can be saved but we need leaders who want to do the right things!

The United States is in imminent danger and we need a comprehensive, yet workable solution to bring us back on the right economic track. Employees cannot do well until American businesses do so well that they can put the Apply Inside signs back outside.

The government is the chief problem and so far, the government has chosen not to get out of the way. But, it must, or that's all she wrote for America! Government philosophies must change for America and Americans, young and old, to have a chance.

One way to change government philosophies is for the same people who created the problem to change their ways. Another of course is to remove them from office and elect voices for the people.

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Great Patriotic Book!

Click Right here to download of entire Wilkes-Barre: Return to Glory! ebook for free.  To help subsidize these free downloads, please hit the DONATE button on the site and make a small contribution..

Wilkes-Barre PA seems to be a dying city. It is time for its citizens to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and begin our return to glory. The author points out that "In the middle of the last century, Wilkes-Barre's population was approaching 90,000. Today it is 43,000. This did not happen overnight.

Over the years, many of the city's kind benefactors, such as the Kirby family, helped keep the city vibrant. Whenever Wilkes-Barre needed a boost, they were there to rejuvenate. They are no longer available; but perhaps others who love Wilkes-Barre in a similar vein, will step forward. The people would appreciate this for sure.

This site is intended to host books that are typically not seen on the shelves of mainstream media book outlets. It also provides a means for those who cannot afford hard-copy to download selected books free of charge.

Elite Republicans are not the only conservative minds out there, though they are well published, and in many ways have the conservative book market locked up--at least until now. Every new venture has to start someplace. This site is our beginning and as we pick up more authors such as Donald Trump and Mark Levin (hopefully) and more titles over time, it will be the place to go for conservative views expressed in book form.

Run of the mill conservatives such as Brian Kelly, who was the first featured author for this site, are welcome. Kelly was published when he was a technical book writer for big name publishers, such as Ballinger, Harper & Row (Harper Collins), John Wiley & Sons, Cardinal Business Media, Midrange Computing, MC Press, 29th Street Press, and others. Kelly also wrote many tech articles in top magazines in the IT media market. Most of the books on The Trump Book SHop are written by Brian Kelly. But we are looking for more from Mr. Trump. Mr. Levin, and other patriots. 

When Kelly stopped writing tech books and began writing about his outrage about the "new and improved Marxist America," all of a sudden, he was not able to find a main-stream publisher. He and several others formed Lets Go Publish! (LGP) about ten years ago to address the need of non-mainstream conservative authors being able to publish their wares rather than being silenced by the big guys. Being minimally staffed, LGP has been able to publish Kelly's works but has had few resources left to attract other conservative authors. We are in the process of changing that. When Donald Trump and Mark Levin endorse this site, the tide will begin to turn in favor os small-time conservatives with something to say.    

The Donald Trump Book Shop and the Conservative Book Shop ( are looking for more authors like Brian Kelly as we hone our web site to be friendly to all. For now, we have agreed to highlight Kelly's technical books that may have universal appeal as well as the many patriotic conservative books that you can find with a simple scrolling motion on the home page.

To see more of Brian's books in a format in which you can buy them if you like, go to If you want to buy any of the books on this site, we are using bookhawkers now to process our shopping cart transactions. Consequently, this site now permits just one book title in any quantity per order. For most, that should be fine. If you want to buy a number of the books on this site, we are OK with you going to our affiliate, to do do so.     

If you are an unpublished conservative author, feel free to send a short note about your works to PO Box 2094 Wilkes-Barre PA 18703. We'll try to get back to you as we search for our own identity. Let us know if you need publishing services or you just want to sell your book through our site. You may also try This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you

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