The Trump Book Shop does not yet have the OK to stock and ship Donald Trump books or memorabilia such as the Make America Great Hat. 

We also hope to market Donald Trump T-shirts and other items that highlight our next President. Here are the current Trump books and if you click, they can be purchased at Amazon. Yes, when we get permission, you will be taken to instead of Amazon. The best.

Trump Books

and finally, Midas Touch

The Trump Team very artfully offers this simple note about all of the Donald Trump book offerings. Next to a Lets Go Publish! BookHawkers book by Brian W. Kelly, we can't think of a better book to own than one in the Trump Collection.  Here is the Trump Enterprise message on the books:

Learn how to think like a billionaire—it's as simple as turning the page. Achieving your personal and professional goals has never been so easy. All of Mr. Trump's personally written books have been best sellers and are available at major bookstores and the Trump Store on Fifth Avenue, New York City. For once, the mind of this internationally renowned business mogul is an open book.