Kelly looked at all of the things that Americans did not like and he looked at what the interlopers liked. He figured out a way to permit well-behaved interlopers to stay in America while giving Americans priority in all ways. This plan actually will work and it will solve the problem and take a huge financial burden off the backs of Americans. 

Brian W. Kelly is the leading conservative author in America. He is an outspoken and eloquent expert on immigration solutions. Though a Democrat, he is a JFK Democrat. One of his pet peeves is the chicanery and deceit of RINOS on conservative Americans. 

Kelly is the author of Saving America; Taxation without Representation; Americans Need Not Apply; No Amnesty! No Way!; Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!; The Constitution 4 Dummmies!; and many other conservative books. Like many Americans, Brian is fed up with a stifling agenda in Washington that places the needs of foreign nationals in front of the needs of Americans.  

He wrote this book to help Americans know what we can do to force our government to regain control of our borders, ensure our national security, keep our culture, enforce our laws, protect American jobs, and keep all Americans from being overwhelmed by illegal foreign nationals with no allegiance to the USA. In addition to showing why amnesty is not the right medicine, Brian Kelly explains the best plan (LGP) for America again to become a sovereign state.

This is Brian Kelly’s 60th book. You are going to love this book and the LGP plan, since it is designed by an American for Americans. Few books are a must-read, but The Lifetime Guest Plan will quickly appear at the top of America’s most read list.