1619 Words Essay on the Value of Books 


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Thank you for reading this great essay on the value of books by Shivi Rawat. In addition to the title of his article above, you may read it from the site from which I claimed it at this site.  I am very impressed at his ability to make us all think. Conservatives think but are worried that liberals may not like their thoughts. It's time to just think and write and make it as it should be. Here is this fine essay:

Some books are sure to call for much more thought and concentration. Take time to ensure that you really absorb them, like a sponge. The book fills your mind and it becomes a part of your personality.

Practical wisdom books yield a rich harvest. You are never too young or too old to profit by them. The opportunities are endless for widening knowledge, for finding a new interest, and cultivating a new hobby.

Thirty-six years ago. I adopted writing (bad, then it was) as a hobby. Today, it is my passion. It brings a daily delight, and is an eternal prize packet.

Learning is a permanent luminary, which may be fogged for the time being, but when the fog disappears, is again bright. A good book may be neglected but when opened, will impart instruction again. It is a lighthouse of knowledge.

If the book is along the line of your job, it adds to your efficiency. Victor Hugo began to study Greek when he was past fifth he had become so charmed with the language.

De Quincy, whose prose style has served as a model for perfection relates that he spent hours looking for a word, which would give the exact shade or meaning he intended.

If such luminaries felt it necessary to devote the better part of their lives to the improvement of their vocabulary, surely, you, too, will consider it a goal worth your effort and consideration, if you aspire to write of read well.

You want to speak more effectively. There are many books on the subject. They are down-to-earth, practical and written in a vivid style.

Those, which deal with the psychological approach to the problems of living, are of immense help. Psychology has brought a wealth of knowledge to every part of life, which has revolutionized thinking and brought loads of help, to ordinary people. How-to-do books are a simple version of what pure psychology is, telling about the kind of person you are and how your mind works.

You get instructions as to how you can help yourself to become a balanced and integrated personality. How to sleep well, overcome inferiority complex, mastering shyness, fear and phobias and a whole lot of them on sex, marriage, psychocybermatics.

Choose one area for improvement of you personality at a time. Then pass on to another. Shed the notion that you are born with a fixed, rigid personality. Personality is acquired.

You may not be born with a magnetic personality but what prevents you from acquiring magnetic manners? Apart from the sheer inspiration of striking out into something new, you will be surprised at how your life changes inside you. A new person emerges from inside you.