Just as in 1776, today's Americans are overtaxed and lack genuine representation. Kelly wrote this book because our representatives, both nationally and locally, have abandoned their duties as agents of the people and we have forgotten our role as the voices in a constitutional democracy (our Republic).

Twenty consecutive years of non-responsive presidencies, unprotected borders, and a Congress with more blame to go around than accomplishments yields a catastrophic failure of a report card. Kelly illustrates how public servants are so overwhelmed with self interests, special interests, the interests of corporations and the interests of other countries that they have no time to work for the people.

Brian takes the time to eviscerate, with cogence and gusto, the veneer of honor cloaking some of our nation's most dishonorable public servants.Something went critically awry between 1776 and now.

After depicting the problem, your author unearths a cornucopia of political trickeries aimed at taking your money, including a litany of creative taxes imposed against U.S. citizens. He then embarks on a no-holds barred safari through some of America's most crippling domestic problems, fueled by representative negligence, corporate power, and greed.

Your author questions the modern role of Unions. From there, he explains the nation's emergent problems of visa abuse, the selling out of American jobs, and the unhealthy impact of illegal foreign nationals on the lives of American citizens.

Mr. Kelly explores the lack of free and honest elections, recounting recent judicial decisions and the push for fraud-prone voting machines. Despite its grave insights, the book animates at all times a spirit of hope and impetus for change which can help direct all efforts to avoid another Boston Tea Party.

Why can't the press tell the truth even if government chooses not to do so?

Yes, this too will be explored in this book. Make your friends jealous by toting a real man and woman-sized book out on the beach! No trysts are in this book, just an honest attempt at helping Americans help ourselves. 

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