This book is designed to explain each problem and then solve it. Brian Kelly put forth the RRR plan when running for the Senate v. Robert P. Casey in Pennsylvania. Casey's campaign treasury money won the election but the RRR plan would have saved the country.

No economist and no other candidate for office were offering as comprehensive a solution as RRR. Like the Cain 999 plan, RRR uses three catchy and unforgettable letters instead of three numbers. Unlike the Cain "999," RRR as a plan takes on the full set of economic issues.

Why did Brian Kelly write this book?

Our economy has simply stopped working and Barack Obama is the man carrying the stop sign. Our financial institutions have been forced to lessen their standards while the taxpayer has become the prop between the cronies of a corrupt government and their failures in business.

The US adventure once starred rugged individualists and only the strong survived. America became the strongest nation on the planet. Government today uses progressive / Marxist principles to create a society of wusses and wimps, in which the American dream is little more than a handout, and our vast numbers of recent college graduates merely have proven they may be smarter than those who did not go to school.

Businesses have decided that the US prize is not worth going after any more, and they have taken their work overseas. Government colluded with business enabling their quiet retreat. The RRR plan is good for the economy. It is good for the people. It is good for jobs.

For those corporations that want to sign up to be good Americans, it is also good for corporations. It is the solution balm that offers a gutsy, unique, real, and workable path to getting America back on its feet. There is nothing like it anywhere else. All we need is the guts to adopt the RRR plan to make us all successful.