President Barack Hussein Obama does not demonstrate a thought process anything remotely congruent with the collective consciousness of those he represents. More and more of we the people are recognizing his continual diatribes as those of an automaton, glued to prompter technology for his next thought.

Not only is he losing support on the domestic front with long discredited socialist policies that would shock Woodrow Wilson, but his domestic failures are not even offset by some countervailing strength in military and foreign affairs. National defense is likewise weakening and it is so bad that in 2014, a group of 10,000 called ISIS are kicking the world's butt, including the USA in Iraq, because this President does not recognize terrorism for what it is.

Without a meaningful change in Obama's direction, his ways, fully enabled by a complicit Congress, will doom the country. We are well on our way to failure. And I say this as an optimist. In his almost six years as President, he surely has committed more sins than just these seven. But clearly the sins discussed in this book are the seven deadly sins of Obama. And none can be taken lightly. Read this book to learn the specific sins and what you can do to deal with this grievous sinner.