If you want foreigners to be voting in American elections, and you want newly minted citizens to be taking American jobs, and you want the average wage in America to keep going down, down, down, and you want Congress to consider changing our national language from English to Mandarin, and you want to pay the cost of welfare cash and food and housing and medical for the new owners of America; and you want China and Russia to be the only superpowers left in the world, please encourage your legislators to quickly pass the Senates gang of eight tyrants plan so we can quickly move forth with the destruction of America the beautiful and the once grand.

Yes, this situation is that severe! Brian W. Kelly is one of America's most outspoken and eloquent conservative spokesmen.

Your author, Brian Kelly is no stranger to controversial yet patriotic topics.

He is the author of Taxation Without Representation, Obama's Seven Deadly Sins, Saving America, Americans Need Not Apply, and many other books.

Like many Americans, Brian is fed up with a progressive liberal agenda in Washington that places the needs of illegal foreign workers in front of the needs of Americans. Kelly wrote this book to help Americans know what we can do to force our government to regain control of our borders, ensure our national security, keep our culture, enforce our laws, protect American jobs, and keep all Americans from being overwhelmed by illegal foreign nationals with no allegiance to the USA.