California smog was on the news every night. Congress took action, and eventually a new entity was born, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Before the EPA was fully staffed, Congress passed the Clean Air Act! And poof, the air was clean. Well, not exactly but it was on its way to being clean. The big polluters were head off at the pass.

Today, Californians can see across the street and the air has improved so much so that the experts say, really, really clean air is within sight. There is a lot of good breathing going on. California is well ahead of the EPA today. The EPA employed just a few people back in the 1970 when the problem was solved. With Congress's action things got done quickly.

EPA folks are well known lovers of nature, as are most Americans. You can envision EPA folks from back then camped in old wooden sided station wagons known as a Woody back then, checking on mother nature for the good of man.

Things have sure changed. By 2014, from that ole Woody, there are now 18,000 employees that are always upset about something you or I are doing, such as lighting a campfire or driving more than two miles a day. They seem to hate mankind and love Mother Nature. Instead of checking on mother nature for the good of man, today the EPA is known to check on man and inhibit the movements of man for the good of Mother Nature, or so they say. They blame humans for pollution and sins against nature.

In both his terms, President Obama has given them immense power to regulate outside of Congress. Yes, this is unconstitutional, and that is another problem. Today, the EPA determines that silly stuff such as Thomas Edison style light bulbs must be banned or that children cannot use the best inhalers because they supposedly pollute the air.

The EPA thinks its job is limiting personal freedom so that insects are not swatted indiscriminately. This bad-for-America Agency ignores the cumulative economic damage its new regulations will cause on the economy and jobs and on the very people they are charged to help.

If the EPA was completely perfect in the 1970's watching Congress's Clean Air Act work, it is now completely imperfect. It is ruining the America we love. The pendulum is out of control.

This job preventing, human hating agency must be shut down. This book helps you know why and how! As soon as we can, we will all live longer and better when we collectively Kill the EPA! Learn how by reading this book.