There is no better kept secret in your computer than the chip that makes everything go. Most people simply look for Intel Inside and look no further. That paradigm has been working for years. Yet, today you can find better performance and lower prices with alternative processing chips.

Intel, the dominant chip maker in the world is a household name; but is it still the technology leader that it claims to be? This book answers that question and it also gives you information that you need to know to understand what's inside the engine of your computer and why the old maxims no longer apply. You won't be able to put it down once you begin to read this part history and part technology book from Lets Go Publish!

Brian Kelly went right to the IBM plant in East Fishkill where he interviewed the IBM Chief Technology Officer to get the true scoop on what technology and Moore's Law have in store for all of us in the future. Kelly then researched Intel and AMD and other chip makers to build this fantastic book about the engines that run all computers today.

You may recall that way back in the early 2000s, Intel was trying to protect its high-end 64-bit Itanium server business and push its Xeon processors down into the 32-bit volume server space. At this time, IBM was building its Power Chips and helping AMD behind the scene. AMD brilliantly shot the gap between the Xeon and Itanium to create the 64-bit Opterons, eventually pushing its server market share as high as 25 per cent. Intel has been running to outpace AMD, or running to catch up to AMD and IBM ever since.

The beauty of this book is that it not only gives you the inside scoop on which engine should drive your PC or your business server, but it also offers a first-class business and historical perspective on a fascinating technology based industry. CIOs all over the world know that the Chip Wars between AMD and Intel and IBM is going to be big news for years, until and if the case is decided. Who will survive?

Who will win the Chip Wars? This book gives you the best insights as to what the fight is all about and who is poised to win. You may even find yourself selling or buying some stock based on what you are about to gain from this book.

AMD claims to be the new technology leader in the x86 PC marketplace. Ironically, this is technology that Intel invented. It powers most PC and Windows servers. Is AMD all of a sudden that good? How could such a small company ever beat the world's richest chip company?

Are AMD chips really the fastest on the planet? AMD sure thinks they are. Viva La Guerra! Meanwhile IBM is driving its chips with high technology "POWER" generations.