Why did Brian Kelly write this book? The US economy has simply stopped working and Barack Obama is the man carrying the stop sign.

Businesses have decided that the US prize is not worth going after any more, and they have taken their work overseas. Government colluded with business enabling their quiet retreat. The plan outlined for Saving America addresses all of the sticky areas where corruption reins and corporations, unions, and government have been complicit in undermining what is good for America and Americans.

The Saving America plan is good for the economy. It is good for the people. It is good for jobs. And, for those corporations that want to sign up to be American-centric, it is good for corporations. If you are against America, you will be against the Saving America plan.

It is built to assure that we can get our country back on its feet. There is no book and no recommendation like this anyplace else. Have any of the other plans been working?

All we need is the resolve to adopt the Saving America plan to make this country and our progeny successful again. So, quite simply, it is time to adopt a plan built for recovery--the Saving America plan. Kelly tells you exactly how to get the job done in this book.