Please note, just like it was not the Irish, the Syrians, the Italians, the Spanish or the Polish who were the problem in our country's infancy, the Mexicans, the Costa Ricans, or the Guatamalans are not the problem today. It is greedy businesses and a greedy political class.

In this book, we show you who they are and why we must assure they no longer have their say.

Brian Kelly wrote this book to help Americans know what we can do to force our government to regain control of our borders, ensure our national security, keep our culture, enforce our laws, protect American jobs, and keep all Americans from being overwhelmed by illegal foreign nationals with no allegiance to the USA.

Like you, Brian is frustrated with the devastation that illegal immigration inflicts on law-abiding Americans and likewise he finds the destitution brought upon the illegal class by corporate America to be the greatest sin of all. Few books are a must-read but Americans Need Not Apply is at the top of the list. Take this book out for a ride, and it will help you deal with a big problem for America and