Sometimes the best deal in town is a real steal and you're the one robbed. Any low cost server -- Windows or Unix, or Linux -- server that fails more often than its equally low business value would justify its worth no more than a bushel of pencils. The deceptive allure of low pricing has played bandit in more than a few episodes of server pillaging.

Some say IBM I systems do not ever go down. They do as I have seen them go down, but when they go down it is a surprise, and they are very shortly thereafter. IBM's service team called Customer Engineers are very thin in the ranks today as they are not needed. They are literally, the "Maytag Repairmen," of the modern computer era.  

Cost is no longer the paramount factor, now displaced by business value and resiliency. Businesses of all sizes are fed up with their systems' chronic unavailability. There no longer exists the luxury of indulging the whims and caprices of every unresponsive system or lingering down situation. Resiliency is the new paradigm.

The new business world operates in an exponentially more real time fashion. Transactions must execute immediately. Tolerance for downtime has dissipated. What can a business, of any size, use to stay afloat? The all-everything operating system, is the best answer, short of a pencil.

Trust the Casinos, who currently use IBM i. Are there any doubts of their pressing need for systems reliability?T he IBM Company has made the finest, most architecturally elegant, most usable, most productive, most affordable, and least frustrating operating system of all time. Yet, they keep it a secret.

This phenomenally elegant operating system and the power machines upon which they run are today's mainframe for the masses. The systems can be as large and powerful as a mainframe but they can also fit just as effectively into a small business.

The new IBM Power approach with IBM i as the OS is highly secure, productive, granular, and affordable. The "all everything" operating system is designed to resist viruses and run smoothly at all times.

This book walks you through the story of this unique operating system from its inception. It presents its underlying superiority, rapid customer acceptance, development history, and its probable future. Inside, its unique architecture and interactions are discussed in easily accessible layman's terms. Upon finishing this book, you will understand why IBM is proud to have built the finest operating system in the universe and why it deserves the name, the "all-everything" operating system.alleverything-OS