In this book, you will finally understand why you love America so much. By reading Geoffrey Parsons Epoch...The Land of Fair Play, you will have read the best teaching tool about the Country since 1919, when Parsons' book was originally written for ordinary people.

Now, this re-mastered version, even better than the original, can help you learn about America using the best teaching tool possible--highlighting the study of Civics in America--from Geoffrey Parsons.

This re-mastering is even better than Parsons' original. Many facts that were true in 1919 are no longer true. The 1919 text has been preserved while correcting the facts for the changing times.

You are going to love this book—remastered by an American for Americans. Few books are a must read but Geoffrey Parsons Epoch...The Land of Fair Play needs to be at the top of your list. It's been at the top of America's list since 1919.